Tune Up – $75

Overall bike clean, all braking adjustments, all shifting adjustments, drivetrain lubrication and chain wear check, all bearing points checked and adjusted, both wheels trued as needed, full safety bike check. Best for routine maintenance on bikes with moderate ride time or have been in storage collecting dust.

Overhaul $185

Everything included from Major Tune Up plus a complete drivetrain overhaul. All drivetrain parts (chain, chainrings, cassette, derailleurs) removed and cleaned. Best for routine maintenance on bikes with moderate to long extended ride time.

Major Overhaul $300

Complete bike breakdown, everything removed from frame and deep cleaned and reassembled. No extra charges for part installation so it’s a perfect time to replace tires, cables, chain, bartape etc. Bike is completely restored to like new condition. Best as yearly maintenance for bikes with lots of hours and miles ridden during the season.